PowerLast Battery

KShs 5,237.40KShs 16,500.00

When you have to start your car, this is the battery you need. Chloride Exide PowerLast is spill-proof, has zero maintenance and a long life thanks to a slower self-discharge rate.

Best for: Personal Car. (Non-commercial- European, Personal Cars (Non-European) Tourist land cruisers

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Low maintenance batteries are available in a full range to suit all types of motor vehicles, from small cars to large trucks. The battery sizes range from 32 Amp Hours to 200 Amp Hours. These low maintenance batteries are all manufactured locally at our factory.

Best for: All vehicles

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Low Maintainance Battery

KShs 2,784.00KShs 29,696.00

Spark Battery

KShs 5,500.00KShs 9,050.00

Thanks to its superior starting power, Spark MF will always keep your car going. The batteries use calcium technology, are spill proof and require no maintenance.

Best for: Personal Car. (Non-commercial- European, Personal Cars (Non-European)

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Choose from a range of battery brands from our existing Battery Partners (Supreme or Atlas)

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Imported Battery

KShs 7,308.00KShs 38,048.00

Imported Battery, Spark, Powerlast, Atlas Batteries


KShs 40.00KShs 620.00

Chloride Exide also stocks battery acid and distilled water ranging from 1 litre to 20 litre packaging.

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