Our Profile

CHLORIDE EXIDE KENYA LIMITED (CEKL) established in Kenya in 1963, CHLORIDE EXIDE TANZANIA LIMITED (CETL) established in Tanzania in 1966 and BATTERY MASTERS UGANDA LIMITED (BMUL) established in Uganda in 2001 are all limited liability companies which are locally owned. CHLORIDE EXIDE core business is distribution of automotive batteries, solar systems installation, backup systems installation, solar water heating and wind energy systems installations, solar systems

installation, backup systems installation, solar water heating and wind energy systems installations.Chloride Exide has grown from a single based operation to being the largest battery and renewable energy distributor in the East African region while enjoying considerable presence in the PTA trading block. Of particular pride is our strong brand supported by a region wide network of over 17 branches and over 400 dealers in the region.

We Know Batteries

Chloride Exide Kenya is now ISO 9001:2008 certified, Chloride Exide aims to comply with, maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Chloride Exide products range from lead-acid automotive batteries (including maintenance free), deep cycle batteries, solar panels, solar water heating, inverter power back-up systems, motive power batteries, standby batteries and related accessories

meeting demands

Chloride Exide batteries are manufactured to the highest standards at our factory – ASSOCIATED BATTERY MANUFACTURERS (E.A.) LTD, which is also ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008). In addition, we are the appointed service center for Outback Power (USA), Victron Inverters (The Netherlands), Morning Star (USA), Phocos (Germany), Megasun (Greece) and South West Wind power (USA).

With our vision, “Energy Solutions – for all!”, and our mission “To provide quality batteries, solar panels and related energy solutions while consistently exceeding customer expectations and ensuring continued market expansion”, being the driving force behind our entire operation, Chloride Exide looks forward to the challenges of meeting the ever changing consumer demands now and in the coming years.