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Solar Energy for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Explore solar energy solutions to give you energy you can rely on.

Residential, commercial and industrial solar solutions by Chloride Exide. Harness the power of the sun with our solar solutions.

Sustainable Energy

Solar Solutions

Grid-Tie Solutions

Utilize solar power with our grid-tie systems for a sustainable energy mix. These systems work with the grid to ensure you have power day and night, drawing from the grid when solar isn’t enough. They're cost-effective, without the need for storage, and cut down on fossil fuel use, saving you money on electricity bills.

Off-Grid Solutions

Our off-grid solutions cater to those in remote areas or seeking energy self-sufficiency. Harness the sun with solar panels and battery storage for a truly independent system. Break away from grid reliance, ensuring power availability wherever life takes you, tailored to your unique energy demands.

Hybrid Solutions

Experience the ultimate in power flexibility with our hybrid solar solutions, merging the best of solar with battery backup and grid connection. This system provides a constant power supply, saving surplus solar energy for later use and switching between power sources as needed for optimal efficiency and reliability, promoting significant energy independence and cost savings.

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Home batteries to store energy from the grid and/or solar system.

Solar Panels

Also known as solar modules convert light energy into
electric energy.


Converts direct current (DC) power stored im batteries into
alternating current (AC)

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Financing Options

Cash purchase

Buy your solar system outright for full ownership, financial benefits, and all carbon credits, while managing its maintenance.

Power Purchase

a developer installs a solar system on your property, sells you the power at a low rate, and handles all maintenance, requiring no upfront cost from you.

Roof Lease

In this solar lease model, a developer rents your roof space, pays you for it, and installs a solar system. You then make fixed monthly payments to lease and use the system, regardless of your energy consumption.

  • What solutions does Chloride Exide provide?
    Chloride Exide is an energy solutions provider that provides: automotive batteries; and through Chloride Solar it provides energy storage solutions; solar energy solutions and water heating solutions.
  • How can I purchase Chloride Exide batteries?
    You can: a) Shop from our e-commerce platform on the website accessible here b) Dial-a-Battery for free delivery and installation of the battery by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to 0719-080 000 c) visit any of our 17 branches countrywide d) buy from our authorized dealers and distributors countrywide
  • What automotive battery brands do you stock?
    a) Powerlast which is our flagship battery brand. It is maintenance-free with a lower self-discharge rate guaranteeing longevity. b) Maxx MF which is designed for public service vehicles. It is engineered to provide enhanced performance, longer battery life and to power the auxiliary demands of the PSVs. c) Ultrapower Premium is a premium battery designed to deliver enhanced performance for the modern vehicle’s high power needs in a more compact size that fits perfectly in the vehicle’s battery compartment. More power in a compact size. d) Ultrapower EFB is a premium battery designed for vehicles with start-stop technology. Gives more starts and lasts longer than your regular battery. e) Ultrapower AGM is a premium battery that is designed with absorbed glass mat technology and is best suited to meet the demands of higher specification vehicles with the start-stop; regenerative braking and passive boost technologies. Superior to EFB in terms of performance and durability f) Atlas is a premium battery brand designed to provide superior performance for cars with high power needs. Targeted for German cars (VW, BMW, Mercedes)
  • Why should I install a solar energy system for my business?
    Installing a solar energy system will: a) Lower your business’ electricity costs and protect your business against the impact of rising electricity costs in the future. Futureproof your business against rising electricity costs (financial benefits); and b) Reduce your business's carbon footprint (environmental benefits)
  • What are my solar financing options are available to me?
    a) Cash purchase b) Power purchase agreement c) Lease agreement
  • Why adopt solar now? Won’t the technology be cheaper down the road?
    Solar energy prices have remained relatively stable in recent years. With increasing electricity costs, the question becomes how much money your company stands to lose while waiting for improvements in solar energy pricing and efficiency. Additionally, Solar panel performance is now so efficient that future improvements will likely be more incremental.

Financing Options

Outright Purchase

Invest directly in solar infrastructure for ownership and long-term savings. Purchase your system to control and optimize it according to your needs with the help of our expert team.

Power Purchase 

Access solar energy without upfront costs. We handle installation, maintenance, and operation; you pay for the electricity produced at a rate often lower than conventional utilities.

Lease to Own

Explore solar energy with no initial costs through our leasing options. Flexible terms and competitive rates allow you to immediately benefit from solar power while spreading out payments over time.

Asset Financing

This uses solar equipment as collateral, enabling cost spread over time and immediate energy bill savings. Benefit from flexible repayments, keep ownership, and enjoy tax-deductible interest.

Interested in solar energy? Get in touch to explore our solutions and kick-start your journey to energy independence and a lower carbon footprint for your business.

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Why Solar Energy?

Harness the Sun, Power Your World: Embrace the boundless energy of the sun with solar power. A renewable, clean, and cost-effective solution for lasting environmental health and energy independence. Solar energy isn't just an alternative; it's the cornerstone of a sustainable future.

Renewable & Abundant

Solar energy is an abundant and limitless source of energy. Unlike finite fossil fuels, solar energy can be harnessed indefinitely.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is clean and produces no harmful emissions, unlike traditional forms of energy generation such as coal or natural gas. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, solar energy helps combat climate change and promotes a greener planet.


The long-term cost savings of solar energy are substantial and far outweigh the initial infrastructural investment. Solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years or more, providing decades of free electricity once installed.

Energy Independence

By generating your own electricity, businesses can reduce dependence on external energy providers and fluctuating utility costs. This enhances energy security and provides greater control over operational expenses.

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