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Advanced Energy Storage Solutions

Industrial Power Back-up

Designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments, our power back-up systems provide seamless power back-up for manufacturing plants, data centers, telecommunications facilities, and more.manufacturing plants, data centers, telecommunications facilities and more.

Commercial Power Back-up

From small businesses to large enterprises, our commercial power back-up systems offer scalable solutions to protect vital operations, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Residential Power Back-up

Keep your home powered during blackouts with our residential power back-up systems. Whether you need to keep the lights on, maintain communication, or power essential appliances, we have you covered.

Live Life Uninterupted. 

Energy Storage that keeps you connected

Power Back-Up Solutions. 

Innovative Battery Technology

Chloride Exide provides a suite of advanced battery technologies, each engineered to offer exceptional performance, reliability, and sustainability, tailored to modern energy demands and environmental consciousness. Here's a snapshot of our cutting-edge range.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Batteries

The market's safest lithium battery resists high temperatures and has built-in circuits to prevent overcharging.

  • Safest in the market: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP).

  • Longevity: 10-20 years with over 5000 cycles.

  • Efficiency: High energy density and rapid charging.

  • Eco-friendly: Free from heavy metals, recyclable.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

​Traditional meets modern in our flooded lead acid range, combining time-tested technology with sustainability.

  • Reliable: Proven durability.

  • Cost-effective: Great value for performance.

  • Sustainable: Recyclable materials.

  • Options: Vented and Maintenance-Free.

Tubular Lead Acid Batteries

Our tubular batteries redefine endurance, marrying increased capacity with unmatched cycle robustness.

  • Durable: Long service life with tubular plates.

  • Capacity: 20% more electrical capacity.

  • Deep Cycle: Ideal for renewable energy storage.

  • Varieties: OPzS, OPzV-Gel, Monoblock.

VRLA Batteries

Experience the convenience of our VRLA batteries, crafted for those who demand energy security without the fuss.

  • Safe: Sealed construction, valve regulated.

  • Maintenance-free: No upkeep required.

  • Versatile: Suitable for UPS systems, emergency lighting.

  • Rapid Charge: Quick recovery for backup power.

Gel Lead Acid Batteries

​Navigate energy challenges with our gel batteries, where superior resistance meets unparalleled service life.

  • Stable: Resistant to vibration and shock.

  • Resilient: Enhanced longevity and performance.

  • Maintenance-free: Gel technology eliminates upkeep.

  • Applications: Perfect for off-grid and standby power.

Discover efficient and sustainable energy storage with our product range. Reach out to maximize your energy potential with Chloride Exide and ensure uninterrupted operations.

  • What solutions does Chloride Exide provide?
    Chloride Exide is an energy solutions provider that provides: automotive batteries; and through Chloride Solar it provides energy storage solutions; solar energy solutions and water heating solutions.
  • How can I purchase Chloride Exide batteries?
    You can: a) Shop from our e-commerce platform on the website accessible here b) Dial-a-Battery for free delivery and installation of the battery by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to 0719-080 000 c) visit any of our 17 branches countrywide d) buy from our authorized dealers and distributors countrywide
  • What automotive battery brands do you stock?
    a) Powerlast which is our flagship battery brand. It is maintenance-free with a lower self-discharge rate guaranteeing longevity. b) Maxx MF which is designed for public service vehicles. It is engineered to provide enhanced performance, longer battery life and to power the auxiliary demands of the PSVs. c) Ultrapower Premium is a premium battery designed to deliver enhanced performance for the modern vehicle’s high power needs in a more compact size that fits perfectly in the vehicle’s battery compartment. More power in a compact size. d) Ultrapower EFB is a premium battery designed for vehicles with start-stop technology. Gives more starts and lasts longer than your regular battery. e) Ultrapower AGM is a premium battery that is designed with absorbed glass mat technology and is best suited to meet the demands of higher specification vehicles with the start-stop; regenerative braking and passive boost technologies. Superior to EFB in terms of performance and durability f) Atlas is a premium battery brand designed to provide superior performance for cars with high power needs. Targeted for German cars (VW, BMW, Mercedes)
  • Why should I install a solar energy system for my business?
    Installing a solar energy system will: a) Lower your business’ electricity costs and protect your business against the impact of rising electricity costs in the future. Futureproof your business against rising electricity costs (financial benefits); and b) Reduce your business's carbon footprint (environmental benefits)
  • What are my solar financing options are available to me?
    a) Cash purchase b) Power purchase agreement c) Lease agreement
  • Why adopt solar now? Won’t the technology be cheaper down the road?
    Solar energy prices have remained relatively stable in recent years. With increasing electricity costs, the question becomes how much money your company stands to lose while waiting for improvements in solar energy pricing and efficiency. Additionally, Solar panel performance is now so efficient that future improvements will likely be more incremental.
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