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Efficient and Sustainable Water Heating Solutions

Chloride Exide is on a mission to change the way water is heated by providing high-quality, efficient and reliable water heating solutions that not only meet our customers’ needs but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

We provide eco-friendly and cost-effective water heating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications including heat pumps, solar water heaters and PV water heating systems.


Heat Pumps

Maximize energy efficiency with our electric heat pump water heaters. Unlike conventional heaters, heat pumps utilize electricity more efficiently. This innovation not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers carbon emissions, making it a promising solution for residential and commercial water heating needs.

    • Absorption of Ambient Heat: Heat pumps absorb heat from the surrounding air, even in cooler climates, using a refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs this heat and is converted from a liquid to gas hot water system.

    • Heat Transfer: The warm gaseous refrigerant is compressed, which increases its temperature. It is then passed through a heat exchanger in direct contact with the water tank.

    • Heating the Water: As the hot refrigerant circulates through the heat exchanger, it transfers its heat to the water in the tank, heating it for use.

    • Reverting the Refrigerant: Once the heat is transferred, the refrigerant cools down, returning to a liquid state, and the cycle begins again.

    • Energy Efficiency: Heat pumps are highly energy efficient and typically use 60%-75% less electricity than conventional electric water heating systems. Heat pumps do not use electricity to directly heat water making them consume significantly less energy than direct heating methods.

    • Consistent Performance: not reliant on sunlight and can operate consistently regardless of weather conditions with no need for a booster 

    • Space savings: smaller footprint compared to solar water heaters making them a viable option for properties with limited space

  • Solar

Solar water heating

Choose from Vacuum Tube Technology (VTT), ideal for fresh water areas, using copper tubes in a vacuum to convert sunlight to heat; or Flat Plate Technology with durable, dual-enamel tanks, water-isolated heating components, Solar Keymark certification, and a stainless steel booster for longevity, represented by brands like Megasun and Chloride Solar.

Water Heating

PV Water Heating

Photovoltaic (PV) water heating systems utilize solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, which is then used to heat water. Unlike traditional solar water heaters that use thermal collectors, PV water heating systems use PV panels similar to those used in standard solar power systems. This innovative approach not only provides hot water but also reduces dependency on the grid, leading to substantial energy savings and environmental benefits. 
Our PV water heating systems are scalable, customizable and suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

    • Solar Energy Conversion: PV panels absorb sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity.

    • Inverter Conversion: The DC electricity generated by the PV panels is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity using an inverter. This AC electricity can be used to power standard electric water heaters.

    • Water Heating: The AC electricity is directed to an electric water heater, where it heats the water stored in a tank. The electric heating element inside the water heater efficiently transfers the electricity-generated heat to the water.

    • Storage: The heated water is stored in an insulated tank, ensuring that it remains hot and readily available for use whenever needed.

    • Reduced Energy Bills: By utilizing free solar energy to heat water, households and businesses can significantly lower their electricity bills.

    • Environmental Sustainability: PV water heating systems rely on renewable solar energy, producing zero greenhouse gas emissions during operation. This makes them an eco-friendly choice.

    • Year-Round Performance: PV water heating systems can operate efficiently throughout the year, regardless of ambient temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of climates.

Solar Panels

Solar PV water heating

Harness light energy with Solar PV Water Heating, converting it to electricity to power DC heaters, offering lower initial costs, over 12 cycles per day, grid support during cloudy weather, precise temperature control, suitability for shaded regions, apartments, and installations up to 100M from the building.

  • Our experienced technicians will ensure seamless installation of your water heating system, adhering to industry standards and safety protocols to guarantee optimal performance and longevity.

  • Regular maintenance is key to maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your water heater. Our maintenance services include inspections, cleaning and adjustments to keep your system running smoothly and prevent costly repairs.

  • In the event of a malfunction or breakdown, our skilled technicians are available to diagnose and repair your water heating system promptly. We prioritize quick response times and quality workmanship to minimize downtime and inconvenience.

  • Upgrade your existing water heating system or retrofit outdated equipment with our innovative solutions designed to improve energy efficiency and performance while reducing operating costs.


Efficient Heat, Worry-Free Comfort: Our comprehensive water heating services. From expert installation to diligent maintenance and swift repair


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Join us in transforming the way water is heated and experience the benefits of sustainable water heating solutions with Chloride Exide. Contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions.

  • What solutions does Chloride Exide provide?
    Chloride Exide is an energy solutions provider that provides: automotive batteries; and through Chloride Solar it provides energy storage solutions; solar energy solutions and water heating solutions.
  • How can I purchase Chloride Exide batteries?
    You can: a) Shop from our e-commerce platform on the website accessible here b) Dial-a-Battery for free delivery and installation of the battery by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to 0719-080 000 c) visit any of our 17 branches countrywide d) buy from our authorized dealers and distributors countrywide
  • What automotive battery brands do you stock?
    a) Powerlast which is our flagship battery brand. It is maintenance-free with a lower self-discharge rate guaranteeing longevity. b) Maxx MF which is designed for public service vehicles. It is engineered to provide enhanced performance, longer battery life and to power the auxiliary demands of the PSVs. c) Ultrapower Premium is a premium battery designed to deliver enhanced performance for the modern vehicle’s high power needs in a more compact size that fits perfectly in the vehicle’s battery compartment. More power in a compact size. d) Ultrapower EFB is a premium battery designed for vehicles with start-stop technology. Gives more starts and lasts longer than your regular battery. e) Ultrapower AGM is a premium battery that is designed with absorbed glass mat technology and is best suited to meet the demands of higher specification vehicles with the start-stop; regenerative braking and passive boost technologies. Superior to EFB in terms of performance and durability f) Atlas is a premium battery brand designed to provide superior performance for cars with high power needs. Targeted for German cars (VW, BMW, Mercedes)
  • Why should I install a solar energy system for my business?
    Installing a solar energy system will: a) Lower your business’ electricity costs and protect your business against the impact of rising electricity costs in the future. Futureproof your business against rising electricity costs (financial benefits); and b) Reduce your business's carbon footprint (environmental benefits)
  • What are my solar financing options are available to me?
    a) Cash purchase b) Power purchase agreement c) Lease agreement
  • Why adopt solar now? Won’t the technology be cheaper down the road?
    Solar energy prices have remained relatively stable in recent years. With increasing electricity costs, the question becomes how much money your company stands to lose while waiting for improvements in solar energy pricing and efficiency. Additionally, Solar panel performance is now so efficient that future improvements will likely be more incremental.

Solar Water Heaters

Harnessing the power of the sun, solar heaters use solar energy to heat water. Our solar water heaters are designed to be efficient, durable, and low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications.

    • Collection of Solar Energy: Collector panels absorb solar energy which is used to heat water. These collectors are usually flat-plate solar panels or evacuated tubes designed to capture maximum heat.

    • Heat Transfer Fluid Circulation: A heat transfer fluid (either water or an antifreeze solution) circulates through the collector panels, absorbing the solar heat.

    • Heating the Water: The heated fluid then passes through a heat exchanger in the storage tank, transferring the absorbed heat to the water.

    • Storage: The hot water is stored in an insulated tank preventing heat loss, keeping the water hot.

    • Reduced Energy Bills: enjoy substantial long-terms savings on electricity bills.

    • Environmental sustainability: solar water heaters rely on solar energy which is a renewable source of energy and they do not produce greenhouse gas emissions during operation making them an eco-friendly option. 

    • Low Maintenance: require minimal maintenance ensuring long-lasting and hassle-free operation.

  • Solar
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